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What are the CQC outcomes all about?

As the regulator of adult social care in England CQC must make sure that the care we provide for people meets certain essential standards of quality and safety.
CQC have a legal duty under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 to produce guidance, consisting of outcomes and prompts, to help you comply with the regulations within the Act – the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety publication.

The Essential Standards of Quality and Safety consist of 28 regulations. For each regulation there is an associated outcome which details the experiences CQC expect people to have as a result of the care they receive.

To help you understand each individual outcome we have prepared a "How to meet the outcome" solution for each outcome.

When CQC check your compliance with the essential standards they focus on 16 key outcomes that most directly relate to the quality and safety of care services. You are expected to have evidence of how you meet those 16 outcomes. These outcomes are grouped into six key areas.

What is a CQC outcome?

An outcome is described as the ‘impact or end result of services on a person’s life’.

Outcomes focused services aim to achieve the aspirations, goals and priorities identified by the people using the service. Previously the National Minimum Standards set prescriptive standards the service was expected to meet.

Outcomes are measured by their effect on a person’s Quality of life.

How to work with Your Outcome Solutions

CQC do not expect a perfect service that meets each outcome from the start.
What they do expect is honesty, transparency, a robust self-assessment and evidence that you are working towards each outcome in a constructive and person centred way.

The steps we provide lead you towards creating your own personal, comprehensive ‘living’ document that describes all you do and have done towards meeting a specific outcome and more importantly, enhancing the positive experiences of the people who use your services. Use our five steps to success. We offer easily laid out simple steps to enable to you fully meet the requirements and outcomes.

CQC Outcome focused service provision

Your Outcome Solutions provides a foundation for moving your service away from previous constraints of service standards that your home had to meet, towards being focused on the experiences of the people who use your service. This involves a change in approach that runs deeper than just paperwork.   Integrating and establishing an outcome focused service takes time.  Outcome Solutions have taken a lot of the initial hard work out of it for you!